Common Hearing Aid Problems & How to Fix Them

Common Hearing Aid Problems & How to Fix Them

Do you wear hearing aids? These devices make it easy to hear the world around you and you can’t imagine your life without them. That’s why it’s so stressful when something goes wrong. However, just like your phone, computer, or car, every now and then you may experience a problem with your hearing aids. Let’s take a look at some common hearing aid problems and how to fix them.

My Hearing Aids Aren’t Producing Sound

If you put in your hearing aids in the morning and they’re not producing any sound, you’ll need to fix this issue right away. Start by looking carefully at the hearing aids. Did you miss a spot when cleaning them the night before? There could be some dirt, dust, or earwax caught in the microphone or sound outlet. Carefully clean the device and try again.

Next, check to make sure your hearing aid battery has power and is in the battery compartment correctly. You can also take a moment to clean the contacts on the battery door to make sure power from the battery is reaching the hearing aid.

You can also try switching between programs and settings. The device may be stuck on a setting that makes it hard to hear, so changing the program could fix the issue. 

If none of these fixes work, bring in your hearing aids and let us take a look. They may be damaged or in need of repair. We offer same day troubleshooting and hearing aid repair and we can fix a number of issues in the office.

My Hearing Aids Are Too Quiet

Another common hearing aid problem is that the devices are just too quiet. Take a closer look at the devices to see if there’s any earwax blocking the sound outlet. If you wear behind-the-ear devices you should also check the tubing and earmold and clean them to remove any earwax or moisture. Sometimes the tubing can be damaged or cracked and may need to be replaced. 

Try turning up and turning down the volume to see if the volume control is still working. You can also try switching to another program to make sure you didn’t accidentally change settings.

If you haven’t had a hearing test in a while, now might be the perfect time to book a hearing test. Your hearing aids might be too quiet because your hearing has changed. We can help by recalibrating your hearing aids to match your new hearing needs or recommending more powerful hearing aids that will give you extra amplification.

My Hearing Aids Are Producing a Lot of Feedback

Hearing aids can sometimes produce feedback that distorts sounds and makes it harder to hear. If you’ve been experiencing feedback or a whistling sound coming from your devices, start by taking them out and putting them back on. When your hearing aids aren’t inserted correctly, you’re more likely to hear feedback.

Next, try turning down the volume. If that stops the whistling, you may have a sound leak from the earmold or the vent. Bring your hearing aids in and let us adjust the fit to reduce feedback.

Another common cause of feedback has to do with your ears, not your hearing aids. When your ear canal is blocked by earwax, you’re more likely to experience feedback or a whistling sound when you wear your devices. Visit us for a cleaning or visit your primary doctor to have excess ear wax flushed out of your ear.

Visit Us for More Fixes

Have you tried these troubleshooting tips, but your hearing aids still aren’t working properly? It’s normal for hearing aids to need occasional repairs, so don’t worry! Routine cleaning and maintenance will keep your hearing aids in great shape, but you may still have problems from time to time. 

You can visit us for more troubleshooting help. We’ll take the time to find out exactly what’s wrong with your devices and how to fix it. Many issues can be resolved in our office on the same day. We can perform a thorough cleaning, replace damaged tubing, perform minor repairs, and run a diagnostic to find out what’s wrong. If your hearing aids need further repairs, we’ll send them to the manufacturer to resolve any other problems.