We believe it is more important to educate our patients than to sell to them. Only by giving you all the details you need can you make the best decision to satisfy your needs. This is why we have developed the TruEAR Experience, a groundbreaking approach to recognizing individual hearing health needs.

This forms the core of every hearing assessment we do here at TruEar. Here's what to expect when you book an appointment with us.

Lifestyle Assessment

We understand that the things that you want to hear are as individual as you are. Our Lifestyle evaluation will help us decide what technology could be right for you based on who you are, what you like to do, and where you like to go.

If you spend a lot of your time in complex listening settings, there are hearing aid solutions out there for you. Examples of active lifestyle activities include frequent travel, going to large social events, and often eating out. On the other hand, if you lead a simpler lifestyle, you might want hearing aids that provide just the basics. Examples of these activities more tranquil listening conditions include staying at home, watching TV, and having small groups of friends over.

Hearing Test

Hearing Test

We do the standard things you would expect from a hearing test, like checking your speech recognition and hearing specific frequencies. But we like to think that we go the extra mile by testing your hearing in simulations of real-world situations - like a busy restaurant or a loud family gathering. Understanding how you hear and understand speech in these challenging situations enables us to understand your general hearing profile and hearing needs better.

Technology Assessment

After discussing your hearing results with you, if a hearing loss is found, we will present a variety of treatment options, most likely involving hearing aids.

Here at TruEar hearing, it's our job to be familiar with leading hearing aid styles from major hearing aid brands. There are several solutions out there, and today's hearing aids are designed to keep up with the most active lifestyles. They might feature rechargeable batteries, directional microphones, and features such as noise reduction and speech recognition. We'll recommend hearing the best suits your lifestyle and needs, as well as your budget.

The Experience Room

When we decide the hearing aids that might be right for you, we first carefully program them to suit your unique hearing prescription. Programming is a vital step towards aligning the devices to your needs. Each individual is different, so we'll ensure the devices are fitted to your unique requirements.

Finally, we will let you test your hearing aids in the "Experience Room." The Experience Room simulates loud situations that are difficult to understand, such as busy social events or restaurants. Wearing your new hearing aids, we will give you the ability to experience hearing and understanding speech in challenging listening environments. That way, we have a better understanding of how the devices and the settings work, and whether they are the best hearing aids or fitting for you.

Hearing Treatment

Successful hearing treatment demands effort and patience

Only rarely will a pair of hearing aids work optimally immediately after the first fitting—it is more likely that we'll need to make small adjustments. If this is your first time wearing hearing aids of any kind, we'll give you a wear schedule that suggests how long and under what conditions you should wear your hearing aids for the first week. If you've spent a few years with hearing loss, it may take some time for your brain to get used to hearing sounds that haven't been there for a long time.

Patience is the secret to success when it comes to hearing rehabilitation. Keep up with it, and we promise that you notice the improvements they will bring to your quality of life. of life.