TruEAR was born out of a desire to reconnect people with the things and loved ones they care about, which is why we offer the hearing healthcare services we do.


Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Once we find your perfect hearing aid - we don’t leave you all alone! We also offer hearing aid repair, maintenance and cleanings. Hearing aids are durable, but they are also tiny machines that house a lot of technology. It is important that you maintain your hearing aids with regular cleanings at home as well as professionally in-office. If your hearing aids stop working as well as they used to, we can take care of that as well. If we encounter a problem we cannot fix, we will coordinate with the manufacturer to organize repair.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Many people with hearing loss (and also some people who don’t) experience tinnitus on a daily basis. Tinnitus is that annoying buzzing, ringing, whooshing or clicking noise you hear in one or both of your ears. While there is not a total cure, there are many tinnitus treatment options that have been successful for our clients. We offer a range of various tinnitus treatment options, and will work to find a solution that works for your tinnitus.

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Custom Hearing Protection

We hear a lot about hearing loss, however, we don’t spend enough time thinking about the hearing we do have. No matter your age or degree of hearing loss, it is important to protect your hearing from excess noise exposure. There are many ways to do this, including custom hearing protection. Custom hearing protection are ear plugs that are molded to fit comfortably and perfectly in your ear canal. They allow you to continue doing the things you love, while keeping your healthy hearing in-tact.

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Assistive Listening Devices

Not everyone with hearing concerns needs hearing aids. We also work with clients to help them in finding an assistive listening device that will work for them. Assistive listening devices are similar to hearing aids in that they are able to amplify sound, and separate background noise from beneficial noises such as speech.

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Ear Cleanings

During your examination, we will take a look at the physical anatomy of your ear. If we see that there is an excess buildup of wax that could be causing or worsening your hearing loss, we will happily and safely remove it for you.

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Experience the TruEAR Experience

Hearing Assessments with the TruEAR Experience

First and foremost, when you walk through our doors, our goal is to provide a completely transparent process where you are educated rather than sold. This is why we created the TruEAR Experience, a unique approach to understanding your individual hearing healthcare needs.