The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

The Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss

When you consider getting treatment for hearing loss, the first benefits that come to mind might have to do directly with the ability to hear. Perhaps you find it difficult to carry on conversations in noisy restaurants or social events. Indeed, hearing aids are vital devices to improve hearing ability in these environments. However, there are many other benefits to seeking hearing assistance that you might not realize. Not only can hearing assistance have a direct effect on your sensory ability, but there are other indirect effects that are quite powerful, as well. The following are a few of the many benefits you stand to gain with proper treatment.

Cognitive Health

Recent studies have demonstrated a remarkable connection between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Those who have hearing loss are more likely to develop dementia and other cognitive problems. Furthermore, those who have both dementia and hearing loss tend to see a faster decline in their cognitive ability. Why does this connection exist? Researchers are unsure of the mechanism connecting hearing loss and cognition in this way. One possibility is that the struggle to understand conversations causes “cognitive overload” that leads to other problems of comprehension. When we try to hear and understand conversations with only limited audible information, our brains scramble to find solutions. This process might be so difficult that it can seep into other areas of thinking, even leading to mental decline more generally. However, those who use hearing aids find have reduced rates of cognitive decline compared with their counterparts with untreated hearing loss.

Workplace Success

Hearing loss treatment has also been associated with better performance at work. Those who use hearing treatment are able to navigate workplace communications more easily that those with hearing loss. Safety can be put at risk in the workplace due to hearing loss, as well, particularly for those working in industrial and manufacturing sites. Due to these struggles with communication and productivity, those with untreated hearing loss can have lower wages on the whole, but those who treat their hearing loss with aids or other assistance recovered some of those average lost wages. In this way, it really pays to seek hearing treatment!

Offsetting Tinnitus

Not only can hearing treatment assist the hearing you have already lost, it can also be used to offset the common condition of tinnitus. Though it can take many forms, including whirring, buzzing, or whooshing sounds, the most common report from those with tinnitus is that they have “ringing in their ears.” These ringing tones can be treated with hearing aids, and the same devices can be used to treat both tinnitus and general hearing loss. By projecting tones that cancel out the ringing of tinnitus, you may find that hearing treatment results in an overall quieter world in the ways that are annoying alongside a louder world in the ways you’d like to hear.

Improved Social Life

Those with hearing loss have a tendency to avoid difficult social situations in which they will be expected to hear and converse. Common gatherings such as dinners at noisy restaurants or family parties can become sources of anxiety for those who struggle to converse with competing sound. Hearing treatment does not only improve that ability, but it can also reduce the social anxiety, frustration, or feelings of isolation that can be associated with hearing loss, as well as the experience of depression among some who worry their condition is ongoing.

With these many benefits in mind, in addition to the pure enjoyment of restored hearing ability in a world of rich and beautiful sounds, why not take the first step toward hearing assistance. By seeking out an exam and inquiring about treatment options, you will be on the road to restored hearing ability as well as these other benefits that extend throughout your life. Though they are not the perfect solution for everyone, hearing aid technologies are improving rapidly, and you will be thrilled to discover the many benefits they can bring to your life when used regularly. If you had any doubt about the appropriateness of hearing aids for your life, these benefits may be able to convince you to take a step in the direction of treatment.