Why People Avoid Treating Hearing Loss

Why People Avoid Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is very common. Millions of Americans of all ages have hearing loss. Not only is hearing loss common, but it’s also very treatable. So why are people avoiding treating their hearing loss? Unfortunately, there’s still a stigma around hearing loss. People may be worried that hearing aids might make them seem old. But that’s not the only reason people put off getting hearing aids.

You Don’t Realize How Bad Your Hearing Loss Really Is

One common reason people avoid treating hearing loss is that they don’t realize how bad their hearing loss has become. Do you say things like “my hearing loss isn’t that bad yet” or “I still have one good ear”? You may think your hearing loss isn’t too bad, but this might not be the whole truth.

Hearing loss can be a gradual process. Changes in hearing happen very slowly over a long period of time. This means that your brain has time to make adjustments and get used to hearing loss. Only when you treat your hearing loss will you realize just how bad your hearing loss really is.  

The best way to avoid having your hearing loss sneak up on you is to get regular hearing tests. Adults over 60 should have hearing tests every year to monitor their hearing loss. A hearing test shows you exactly what sounds you’re missing, and it can show you if you have hearing loss. If you haven’t had a hearing test in a few years, book one today! You might be surprised by the results.

You’re in Denial

Some people realize they have hearing loss, but don’t want to face the facts. If you avoid thinking about hearing loss, you might be in denial. Sometimes ignoring a problem can be easier than dealing with it, and hearing loss is no exception. Admitting that you have hearing loss might feel like admitting that you’re not as healthy or as young as you once were.  

The best way to overcome denial is by booking a hearing test. You can find out more about your hearing loss and discover great treatment options to help you hear clearly and feel young again.

You’re Worried About the Cost

It’s true that hearing aids aren’t cheap. However, if you’ve been putting off treating hearing loss because of the cost, you may be in for a surprise. Untreated hearing loss is also costly! Investing in your hearing health can improve your overall health and wellbeing, increase physical activity, and improve cognitive health. Treating hearing loss can also reduce your risk of an injury or hospitalization. 

When you get a hearing test you can find out more about your hearing aid options. We have a range of hearing aids to suit every budget.

You’re Concerned About Appearances 

Are you worried about what others may think of you if you wear hearing aids? You may fear that family and friends will think you’re old if you wear hearing devices. You may be trying to hide your hearing loss to keep up appearances. However, struggling to hear can make you seem a lot older than a hearing device. When you mishear what’s been said or ask people to repeat themselves you may seem older than your years. Untreated hearing loss can also increase your risk of developing dementia. Modern hearing aids are small, sophisticated devices that can make a huge difference in the way you hear. No one will even notice your devices, but what they will notice is how well you’re hearing. 

Schedule a Hearing Test

There are many reasons why people avoid treating hearing loss. It can be hard to change the way you think about hearing or overcome the worries you have about treating hearing loss. If you’re ready to learn more about your hearing and explore your hearing aid options, schedule a hearing test with one of our hearing health specialists. 

Together we’ll talk about your hearing health and any concerns that may be holding you back. While you’re in the office you can also try out hearing aids and see what a difference these devices can make. Experience the relief of being able to hear again after years of living with hearing loss.